Vision 2025 | Sabrina Noronha | Version 2.0

[This is the future vision note that I plan on achieving for myself and my business by the year 2025; hence it is mentioned as Sabrina Noronha – Version 2.0 ]

Sabrina Noronha by 2025 is a successful fashionpreneur and has contributed significantly towards the progress and growth of:

  1. Women through:
    • Education and empowerment of women in their business and their life and well-being via regular webinars, online classes, consultations and conferences. Seminars include topics on fashion, styling and business building.
    • Creation of employment opportunities to deserving women as team members as well as in the manufacturing and production of the designer clothing line.
    • Building a strong community of women-owned small and medium businesses and creation of collaboration opportunities for a greater cause.

  • 2. Indian Fashion Community via:
    • Teaching in fashion colleges and online courses on workwear fashion and styling.
    • Corporate training workshops for professionals & entrepreneurs on workwear styling.
    • Creation of multiple opportunities to support local craftspersons, artisans/karigars.
    • Trainings for and by the local artisans to encourage, support and sustain the community.
    • Successfully launched work-wear label for women inspired by Indian textiles, prints, craft & artwork.
  • 3. Sustainable Fashion via:
    • Creation of improved durable solutions to lower the negative impact on the environment
    • Education on improved shopping habits & circular fashion methods such as reduce – reuse – repurpose – repair – recycle
    • Awareness through social media channels, published articles, and blogs.
    • Podcast on fashion and sustainablity which is one of the most popular in India.
    • Use of sustainable fabrics with lower environmental footprint in the workwear label
    • Collaboration with sustainable suppliers and vendors.
  • 4. Indian Catholic Goan Community
    • Promotions and collaborations with talented designers and artists within the catholic community.
    • Design label inspired by local Goan textiles, prints, craft, artwork & embroidery.
    • Created opportunities to work with businesses, designers in the catholic community.

Personal Life:

  • She believes not only in chasing her own dreams but also in the process inspiring others to achieve their goals and that “empowered women empower women”
  • She is also extremely health conscious and a fitness promoter.

If you believe in a similar vision for women empowerment, sustainability & growth of Indian fashion – then do reach out & connect with Sabrina Noronha.